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Protein drink with sweeteners and vanilla flavor. (Dose à 600g)

A whey protein isolate drink of the highest quality with a very high biological value!

Mix three level measuring spoons (30 g) in a glass of water or shaker and mix with 350 ml of water.

The daily consumption of 1-2 servings should not be exceeded.
Gluten and lactose free.
Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a balanced and varied diet and for a healthy lifestyle.


Keep dry, cool and closed and out of the reach of small children.


Whey protein isolate (96,8%), flavor, emulsifier soy lecithin, sweetener sucralose, anti-caking agent silicon dioxide, vanilla bean powder (0.05%), Beta-carotene.

Average amino acid content per 100 g protein in%
L-leucine * 10.47%, L-isoleucine * 6.55%, L-valine * 5.45%, L-lysine * 9.95%, LThreonine * 6.77%, L-methionine * 2.23 %, L-phenylalanine * 2.95%, L-arginine 2.06%, L-alanine 4.7%, L-aspartic acid 11.06%, L-cysteine 2.43% L-glutamic acid 17.35%, L-glycine 1.64%, L-histidine 1.67%, L-proline 5.66%, L-serine 4.38%, L-tryptophan 1.84%, L-tyrosine 2.82%

*Essential Amino Acids

Nutritional Values
pro 100 g 1568 kJ/369 kcal.
pro Portion (30 g) 470 kJ/110 kcal.

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